A.M. Morgan is the author of Father and Daughter Time: Conversations from the Heart is the first book published by 3 Morgan Publishing, LLC in 2009.

A father is the first male role model in a child’s early development. A.M. Morgan finds her father’s influence a rewarding and powerful bond that is worth remembering.  This one on one collection of unforgettable conversations that A.M. Morgan shares with her father D. Lester Morgan uncovers a  path to embracing the full breath of who  you she is by understanding her fathers impact on her upbringing. This ultimately leads to a powerful example of  embracing the power of forgiveness.  In a series of candid conversations,  A.M. Morgan and  D. Lester Morgan reflect on the past, examine the present world culture and have many personal revelations that will bring a father and daughter both closer to the truth in understanding each other.

Carey Casey casual“During her presentations at our Summit events, I observed Ms. Morgan to be a dynamic communicator with excellent public speaking skills.  Alicia presents to groups with confidence and puts her audience at ease.  As a team member, Ms. Morgan demonstrates strong leadership and interpersonal skills and brings enthusiasm, energy and creativity to the table. In addition to being a great team player and speaker, Alicia has written a book, Father and Daughter Time: Conversations from the Heart.  We are pleased to count this valuable book among the resources we make available at our Father-Daughter Summits across the country.

Carey Casey National Center for Fathering

LucybloomAlicia served as a presenter for our national conference: Father-Daughter Summit. She was professional, personable, committed, a great team encourager, well-prepared, connected very well to our audience and just blew our socks off! Alicia is brilliant and a team player. I would make her part of our team any day!”

Lucy, Bloom, Dallas Father and Daughter Summit Organizer

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