Have you ever wondered how to reinvent yourself in terms of switching careers?


Here’s five of the most important tips I have found most effective in each of my career transitions into different fields.

1.Maximize the Value of Your Transferable Skills
Even if you have never worked professionally in the new field you desire to move into there are certainly some transferable skills also known as core competencies that you possess. For example, I started in the field of engineering skills such as project management and problem solving can beneficial in many different fields.
2.Don’t fake it until you make it
Don’t create a great resume, perfect head shots and fascinating online persona but when it is time to deliver and show up ready for the opportunity in action you can’t reproduce what you have put out there. My best advise don’t fake it until you make it when you make it be who you say you are and deliver even more.
3.Develop your own personal board of directors
Make sure you have a board of advisers of supportive people who are smarter than you are that you can bounce ideas around to and who will give you constructive feedback. Two important things to also note here is that you add value to your advisers and assist when you can, as well as make sure your advisors align with your core values.
4.Celebrate yourself as much as you can
Celebrate yourself as much as you can don’t get so focused on where you want to be that you forget to acknowledge how far you have come.
5.Owning Confidently that you are good enough
Be confident in knowing that you are preparing for your greatest opportunity so that when it arises you can walk confidently in the moment. Never compare yourself to someone focus on developing the brilliance of what makes you uniquely different.

Have you successfully reinvented yourself to move into a new career field?

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